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We Believe that great storytelling is key, and animation is the ultimate art form to convey a story for a broad and global audience



We Are a collaborative, cloud-based animation studio. Working with a wide range of professionals, experienced artists and technical specialists, specifically assembled according to each project’s needs, bringing high concept productions to life in competitive rates- ready to use on all media platforms.


Our  Clients





Creative Director

is a feature and documentary film producer. For the past 10 years she chose the happy side of production - Animation, and since then produced the animated feature film "Waltz with Bashir" and is developing animated TV series.

is an animation director with extensive experience in animating, designing for animation, storyboarding, editing and developing original animation content. A graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Yael and Neta met during their work on the award winning feature film "Waltz with Bashir", and after a few years of freelancing they decided to join forces, founding Meduzaz Animation House, so they can keep doing what they love and do best- tell animated stories.

Our  services

We provide a wide range of creative solutions for any stage of animation production, of any kind: Corporate explainer movies, promotional movies, commercials, ads, presentations or any other kinds of short animated films.

Story Development

After studying and understanding your brief and exact needs, we come up with creative concepts and develop the best solution to execute your narrative.


We create a visual interpretation of the text, which tells the story in the most precise and effective manner.Every shot is planned right down to the finest detail providing a clear vision and tight production planning. 

Art Development

We chose the most suitable technique and style for each project, and create original art and design according to the story needs and the given resources. 


Character Design

We design original compelling characters tailor made for each project, best conveying the chosen narrative, and aligned with the company's brand.


2D animation, 3D animation, Motion Graphics - we tailor the suitable technique according to the story and resources of each project

Post Production

Visual Effects, Compositing, Sound Design and anything else needed to produce and deliver your movie in the highest standards, ready to play on any media platform

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